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    LAX WEBCAM - Camera #1- Cargo City

    MACR 11155. All 9 crew killed. 40109 (389th BG, 566th BS) lost Feb 14, 1945, Holland. One KIA, 8 POW. MACR (492nd BG, 859th BS) lost Jul 7, 1944 on Bernburg mission. MACR 7229. 1 KIA, 2 (492nd BG, 856th BS, Flak Happy hit by Flak over Politz, the whole crew bailed except for the pilot who reached Sweden and bailed out, the plane crazshed into a mountain. Pilot interned in Sweden Jun 20, 1944. MACR 7074. 8 KIA, 2 POW, 1 interned. 40113 Gamblin Lady originally for 492nd BG.

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